Titan Tyrant ACL Approved Toss Bags 2023- Set 0f 4

1340.00 kr

Speed 7/5 Flex 8

The Tyrant is a midspeed bag with the best application of a traditional block and slide strategy, however, when put in the right hands, the linen fabric on the slow side of the bag can be maneuvered however the player sees fit. The unusually controllable grip a player can get on the slow side gives ample opportunity for cut shots, roll shots, and very strong blocks. The fast side has plenty of speed to collect your blocks, and the Tyrant has a unique ability to grab to its own fabrics for dragging your other bags

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Skäm bort dig själv eller någon annan du tycker om. Vi pratar om Tyrant med en skön medelsnabb speed på ena sidan och en lite lätt mer aggressiv fart på den andra sidan. Speed 7/5 Flex 8

ACL Approved: PRO Stamp
Size: 6″x6″
Control Grid: No
Filler: Power Grip Pellets (All Weather)
Fabrics: Basketweave/Linen
Skill Level: Competitive, Advanced, Pro


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